메인으로 가기 Experience Information Orientation

This is a place that provides preliminary education when visiting the experience center. Here, guests are able to have an unexpected fire experience and evaluate the safety knowledge they learn after all the experience activities. In addition, CPR education (separate appointment required) is conducted in the orientation hall.

Experience course

  • Orientation
  • experience (each experience zone)1 experience (each experience zone)2 experience (each experience zone)3 experience (each experience zone)4
    experience (each experience zone)
  • unexpected fire experience
    unexpected fire experience
CPR educationCPR education (separate appointment required)

Important instructions for experience

  • Please follow the experience time for a smooth experience.
    • Arrive at least 10 minutes in advance
    • Late arrival may result in disadvantages in the experience including the cancellation or reduction of experience time.
  • Experience may be limited according to physical conditions for several courses.
  • The children’s safety experience is limited to preschoolers (children age 5 or above to preschoolers)
    • Guardians must wait at a convenience facility during the experience time.
    • However, instructors are allowed to join a group.
  • Among life safety experiences,people 130cm tall or higher are eligible for the traffic safety experience (only for vehicle overturns).
  • A safety instructor must be with children to secure safety for the handicapped experience.
  • Experience courses are subject to change for foreigners or the handicapped depending on the situation of the experience.