Children’s Safety Experience

메인으로 가기 Experience Information Children’s Safety Experience

This is a place for children to create safe habits
and learn about fire and traffic safety.

  • Experience members

    25 members per session(weekdays)/ 15 members per session(weekends)

  • Time

    60 minutes

  • Reservation time

    10:30 – 13:00 – 14:30 during weekdays
    10:30 – 13:30 – 15:00 on weekends

  • Experience age

    Preschoolers(age 5 to preschoolers)

  • Experience range

    OT (preliminary education) → fire safety experience → traffic safety experience (pedestrian safety) → traffic safety experience (commuter bus safety) → experience evaluation

Experience course

  • step1

    Start experience

  • step2

    OT (preliminary education)

  • step3

    Experience of fire extinguisher

  • step4

    escape from

  • step5

    descending lifeline
    Evacuation slide

  • step6


  • step7

    wait for the next experience

  • step8

    move to the next
    experience center

  • step9


  • step10

    traffic safety

  • step11


  • step12

    end experience
    <60 minutes>

Important instructions for experience

  • Please follow the experience time for a smooth experience.
    • Arrive at least 10 minutes in advance
    • Late arrival may result in disadvantages in the experience including the cancellation or reduction of experience time.
  • Experience may be limited according to physical conditions for several courses.
  • The children’s safety experience is limited to preschoolers (children age 5 or above to preschoolers)
    • Please understand that it is not possible to experience under the age of 4.
    • Please wear socks when entering the children's safety experience center for children's safety.
    • Guardians must wait at a convenience facility during the experience time.
    • However, instructors are allowed to join a group.
  • Among life safety experiences,people 130cm tall or higher are eligible for the traffic safety experience (only for vehicle overturns).
  • A safety instructor must be with children to secure safety for the handicapped experience.
  • Experience courses are subject to change for foreigners or the handicapped depending on the situation of the experience.