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  • 241, Darisil-ro, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do

  • +82 43-220-4898

  • Business hours

    • Opening hours : 9am to 6pm
    • Days closed :
      • January 1st
      • Holidays (New Year’s Day and Korean Thanksgiving)
      • Every Monday. If Monday is a holiday according to Article 2 of the [Regulations on Holidays of Government Offices], it is closed the following day.
      • On the next day of a holiday under the[Regulations on Holidays of Government Offices]
      • The closing date determined for the efficient operation of other facilities (announcement on the homepage)
  • Fees

    • Free
  • Parking Lot

    • Location : On the grounds (next to the second exit)
    • Parking fee : Free
    • Number of parking spaces : 29 (including three spaces for the handicapped), five large buses

How to make a reservations

Pre-reservation on the homepage

Basic reservation method, People aged 65 or older, Reservations remaining for the day
Basic reservation method Information desk On-site reservation
Due to COVID-19, we are only takingreservations
by e-mail (
If experiencing difficulties please inquire to
On-site reservations are subject to available spaces

Cancellation of the reservation via e-mail is possible up to 1 day before the experience. No-shows will be prohibited from making reservations for the next 6 months.

Experience program

Information on the experience program

Classification, Safety experience for children, Disaster safety experience(Earthquake safety, Life safety ), Fire safety experience, CPR, Mobility safety experience, Online safety education
Classification Safety experience for children Disaster safety experience Fire safety experience CPR Mobility safety experience Online safety education
Earthquake safety Life safety
Experience members 25 people per day on weekdays
15 people per day on weekends
30 people per day during weekdays
15 people per day during weekends
15 people per day during weekdays
10 people per day during weekends
40 people per session
(at least 20 people)
Within 100 people Within 50 times per session
Experience age 5 to preschool
8 years of age or older
(elementary school age or older)
8 years of age or older
(elementary school age or older)
Above middle school Age 5 to elementary school 5 or above
Experience time 60 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes 30 minutes
Experience certificates Possible to issue when entering on a list N/A More than 50 minutes
Firefighting safety education
Possible to issue certificate
Experience clothing Simple clothes, sneakers, hair bands, etc. N/A
Precautions Guardians must standby at a separate place Not possible for those under elementary school age to enter
(guardians must wait at a separate place)
Secure a place for the experience Secure online education place

Timetable for experience program

Program,Experience time,Time,Number of people,Subjects for the experience,Notes
Program Experience time Time Number of people Subjects for the experience Notes
Children’s Safety experience weekdays 10:30|13:00|14:30
weekends 10:30|13:30|15:00
60 mins 25 on weekdays
15 on weekends
5 to preschool
Pre-reservation on Internet
Disaster safety experience
(earthquake + life)
weekdays 09:30|11:00|13:30|15:00
weekends 11:00|14:00|15:30
60 mins 30 on weekdays
15 on weekends
8 or above
(above elementary school)
Fire safety experience weekdays 09:30|11:00|13:30|15:00
weekends 10:00|13:00|14:30
60 mins 15 on weekdays
10 on weekends
8 or above
(above elementary school)
CPR 10:30|13:30|16:00 90 mins 40 per session
(at least 20)
Above middle school
Mobility safety experience education Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 120 mins Within 100
(two times a week)
5 to elementary school Pre-reservation on Internet
Only for Jungbu area
(Jincheon, Jeungpyeong, Giusan, Eumseong)
Online safety education Wednesday, Friday 10:20|14:20 30 mins Within 50 per session
(4 times a week)
5 or above Pre-reservation on Internet

The experience center is closed on Monday.

Weekdays: Monday to Friday | Weekend: Includes Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays.

CPR, mobility safety experience, and online safety education are possible only from Tuesday to Friday.


Important instructions for foreigners

  • Customers wishing to use the experience hall must make a reservation with dates and times through the e-mail up to 1 day before when they wish to visit. (Same-day reservation is not possible. Telephone inquiry is required if needed).
    • On-site reservations are subject to availability
    • The duration and content of the experience course may change if there are less than 5 participants.
    • Instructors will be with students at all times.
  • For handicapped groups wanting special arrangements, please call 043-220-4898
    • Groups must have at least 15 participants (caregivers or support personnel included)
  • It is possible to cancel a reservation by e-mail up to a day before the date of the experience.
    • In the case of same-day cancellation, please call 043-220-4898.
  • Participants must follow guidelines concerning maximum capacity for each experience zone.
    (However, group numbers may be adjusted accorrdingly)
  • The children’s experience center, an exclusive space for preschoolers (age 5 to before entering school)*, is available for groups of more than 10 only if there is one adult guide present.
  • Please note that if you do not visit on the day without a cancellation procedure, you will be restricted from using the facility for 6 months based on the reservation date.
  • Please understand that if the maximum capacity is exceeded due to social distancing level being raised, reservations may cancelled according to the order of reservation.

Important instructions for the experience center

  • Please arrive before the time for the experience for a smooth experience
    (Arrive at least 10 minutes in advance) (There may be disadvantages in the experience by being late, including delay or cancellation of the reservation).
  • Several experiences may be limited depending on the physical condition of the user.
  • Children’s Safety experience is limited to preschoolers (age of 5 to before entering school).
    • Please understand that it is not possible to experience under the age of 4.
    • Please wear socks when entering the children's safety experience center for children's safety.
    • Guardians must wait at a convenience facility during the experience time
    • However, the instructor of the group is eligible to join in.
  • The safety instructor must accompany handicapped people to secure safety.
  • Experience courses may be changed accordingly in the case of the experience for foreigners or the handicapped.

Important restrictions and dress-related precautions

Restrictions on entry
  • People possessing dangerous items or items with a foul smell may cause discomfort to others.
  • People recognized as hindering the use of the experience center of others due to being under the influence of alcohol, etc.
  • People who bring a pet into the experience center (however, a guide dog is allowed for the visually impaired).
Restrictions on behavior
  • No smoking, drinking, or eating
  • Do not leave the group without permission from the operating personnel
  • Do not randomly touch or manipulate operating equipment in the experience facility
  • Failure to comply with the reasonable control of the operating personnel
  • Acts that threaten the safety of other users

Anyone who commits restricted acts may be taken out of the facility.

Clothing of experience guests
  • Please wear long pants and sneakers or other appropriate clothing (to prevent injuries including sliding or falling)
  • Please wear socks when entering the children's safety experience center for children's safety.
  • It may be difficult to have experiences in several sections when wearing skirts, short pants, laced clothing, slippers, or shoes.

Matters related to the property and item management

  • Users of the Chungbuk Safety Experience Center may be required to compensate for any intentional damage or destruction of displayed items or facilities or in any relevant cases.
  • What is not specified in this ordinance must follow the [Public property and commodity management act], [public property management ordinance of Chungcheongbuk-do], and [Commodity management ordinance of Chungcheongbuk-do] for the management of products, items, or facilities in the Chungbuk Safety Experience Center.