Mobility Safety Experience

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Mobility Safety Experience
  • Operation period

    Year-round (Tuesdays and Thursdays | two times a week)

    Not operated in Winter (November to February), Summer (June to August)

  • Subjects

    Age 5 to sixth graders in elementary school

  • Areas

    Jungbu areas (Jincheon, Jeungpyeong, Goesan, Eumseong)

  • Education members

    Within 100 people per session

  • Place

    Place where the site requirements are met (secure length and width of 20m or more)

  • Time

    120 minutes (may change depending on the education personnel)

  • Experience range

    OT (preliminary education) → open subway train door → earthquake safety → thermodynamics → escape from smoke → evacuation ladder → evacuation tools (descending lifeline, rescue team)

Mobility safety experience course

  • step1

    OT (preliminary education)

  • step2

    open subway train door

  • step3

    earthquake safety

  • step4


  • step5

    escape from smoke

  • step6

    evacuation ladder

  • step7

    evacuation tools (descending lifeline, rescue team)

  • step8

    end experience
    <120 minutes>

Important instructions for reservations and education

Important instructions for reservations

  • The mobility safety experience is available for students from age 5 to sixth graders in elementary school.
  • Customers who want to have the mobility safety experience must make a pre-reservation on the Internet homepage with dates and times up to 3 days before the preferred experience date.
  • When cancelling a reservation, it is possible to cancel through the Internet up to 1 day before the day of the experience.
    • In the case of the same-day cancellation, please contact us at 043-220-4898.
  • Education may not be available on the day you applied due to the circumstances of the experience center (experience center event, etc.).
  • Education may be cancelled due to heavy rain or snow.
  • The education place must conform to the following.
    • The education place must be on level ground
    • Area of the place : Width and length of 20m or more
    • The place must be accessible with a 45-passenger buses, with a flat slope on access ramps
    • Secure an entrance of at least 4m high (there must be no arch or wire obstacles.)
  • Please note that if you do not visit on the day without a cancellation procedure, you will be restricted from using the facility for 6 months based on the reservation date.

Important instructions for the experience

  • Food must not be brought into the mobility safety experience vehicle.
  • The following behavior is prohibited during the experience.
    • Independent actions that do not follow instructions from the instructor
    • Random manipulation of the experience or exhibition facility (there is a possibility of safety accidents)
    • Deviating from the experience without permission from the operating personnel
    • Failure to comply with reasonable control measures of the operating personnel
    • Acts that threaten the safety of other users
  • Please wear proper clothing including long pants and sneakers (concern over injuries including scratches)
  • It may be difficult to have the experience while wearing clothing such as short pants, skirts, laced clothing, or slippers.